Midnight in Europe
This blog is devoted to images of Europe, whether they be cultural, historical, or metropolitan. I do not own any of these images.
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Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome by famigliaferraris
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Victoria, Princess Royal, Crown Princess of Germany, Detail.
by Baron Heinrich von Angeli
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Chaumont-sur-Loire, France | Sylvain Collet
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The wedding procession passes through Admiralty Arch after the wedding of The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, to Prince Philip in November 1947(via Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding biggest since Charles and Diana | Mail Online)
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“Pea Blossoms” (1890) by Sir Edward John Poynter (1836-1919).
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(Source: manuleania, via acnetecture)

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Inside the Church of Saint Bartholomew, Liège